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Book us for a weekly pub quiz, and get the first two weeks for FREE! All you have to do is supply a prize for the winners. No "minimum term", no strings attached.

Tired of the usual pub quizzes?
Questions nicked from out-of-date 1980's Trivial Pursuit boxes?
Bad fact-checking?
Daft true-or-false guesses?
Insultingly easy questions that make your regulars roll their eyes with disbelief?
The same questions rolled out every six months (or less)?

Then give FullHouse a try ...

I've been running quizzes for years and years, and it's my favourite line of work. My quiz database contains (at last count) approximately 11,250 questions, and is constantly growing. I never knowingly repeat a question in the same place! All my quiz questions are either made up by myself, or cherry-picked from other resources, with the aim of causing as much tip-of-the-tongue agony as possible. And all my questions are stored on the cloud, so I always have some backup material if needed.

I keep a close watch on where my questions have been asked ...

Over the many years of quizzing, I would estimate that my questions were accurate 99.8% of the time. Well, nobody's perfect!

My standard two-hour quiz contains 60-70 questions, covering a different selection of subjects each week, but if you want, I can do special quizzes of all music, all movies, whatever you like.

Different each week!

We split our quiz into many short rounds to minimise the ever-increasing amount of smartphone cheating. We can't stand cheats at FullHouse!

All that PLUS the cash snowball that can build up to hundreds of pounds.

... and if you've got a big screen in your pub, I can connect to that and put the questions and pictures onscreen. A very popular feature!

Specialist Rounds

I do all the "usual suspect" rounds like sport, movies, pop music, etc.
We also have loads of other less common subjects like toys & games, art, fashion, flags, myths & legends, religion, technology, the stage, transport & travel ... the list goes on.
On top of all that, we ALSO do a variety of specialised rounds, including:

  • Catchphrase: say what you see, just like on the telly!

  • The answer? It's "wandering minstrel"!

  • Celebrity Soundalikes: piece together the celebrity names from the pictures.

  • Fill, lips, cough, field ... Philip Schofield! Yeah, they're not all as easy as that ...

  • Genuine Articles: sort out the right answers from the wrong.

  • Who has (or hasn't) switched on the Blackpool illuminations?

  • Picture Connections: can you find the link between the images?

  • An egg, Bacardi rum, DS Lewis, and the sky ... or Eigg, Rum, Lewis and Skye ... Scottish islands!

  • Maps: how well do you know the world?

  • Can you name the numbered states from a list of options?

  • Missing Letters: we've already given you half the answer, how difficult can it be?

  • Five types of soup with every second letter removed ... dead easy, isn't it?

  • Word Puzzles: if you like crosswords, you'll love these. And vice versa.

  • First one is defect/deflect ... I'll leave the rest for you to figure out ...

  • Famous Voices: some distinctive (and not-so distinctive) celebrity voices to identify.

  • Movie Dialogue: name the movie from just the soundtrack.

  • Name That Tune: we've all heard these tunes somewhere, but who can pick out the right titles from the list of options?

  • Special Guest: gradually more obvious clues reveal the famous person. How quickly can you identify them?

  • ...and more!